Website Hosting 101

Website Hosting 101

Are you looking for the best web hosting companies in Malaysia? If you are planning to create a new ecommerce website, you better focus on picking the most reliable website host in the area. Consider hosting as your website’s home. It offers a place to store your website files and data, from web apps and media files to HTML and PHP files.

Now, how can you choose the right kind of web hosting for your platform? Well, there are many types of web hosting, each has its own disadvantages and advantages. Here are the 3 most popular ones.

1.Shared Web Hosting

If you are just starting out, shared website hosting is the best option for you. With this set up, your website is stored on a specific server that also houses hundreds of other web pages. The downside here is that other websites may impact your own performance negatively. For example, if a website experiences high traffic, then this can use up all the remaining bandwith. The result? Your website would suffer.

2.Dedicated Web Hosting

Running a successful ecommerce store means utilizing plenty of customized apps and software. In this case, consider dedicated hosting. This means that the sever is yours, 100%. You can use your server depending your needs, and the bandwidth and data are yours alone.

3.VPS Web Hosting

VPS is regarded as the middle ground between dedicated and shared hosting. It combines the flexibility of a dedicated host to the affordability of a shared one.

Selecting the Best Website Host

It’s crucial to look for a reliable hosting provider that can attend to your needs around the clock. Below are some of the features the most reputable companies provide.

24/7 support.

  1. A quality website host provides live customer support 24/7. If your website suddenly encounters a problem late at night, of course you would want to solve it as soon as possible.
  2. Remember that the gold standard for reliable uptime is 99.95%. Anything below that is regarded as unacceptable.
  3. Quality security. Don’t let your website fall victim to cyberattacks like hacking and malware. Pick a hosting provider that can encrypt your data, scan your software, include an SSL certificate, and monitor networks.
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