Baby Care: 7 Eating Milestones

Baby Care: 7 Eating Milestones

1.Once they learn how to eat solid food

Many moms enjoy shopping for baby milk bottles in Malaysia, but this exciting routine wouldn’t really last long. Soon, your baby would learn how to eat solid food. Between 4 to 6 months, you can introduce solid food items to her once in a while. At this point, she can also lift her head up, and hold her neck high independently.

2.She can sit in a high chair

Once your baby learns how to consume solid food, they can also learn how to sit, and hold up your neck and head with your support. This means you can already put her in a high chair. Sitting on a high chair is a serious baby milestone, but make sure to still follow safety rules.

3.Once they learn how to manage finger food

Infants between 7 to 11 months typically tell you if they are ready to consume grown-up food. They would try to grab it off you. Almost any kind of food that is nutritious, healthy and with soft texture is a great finger food. Just make sure to cut it small enough.

4.Once they learn how to use spoons

This is not only a baby milestone, it is also a parenting milestone. As soon as infants adjust to being fed using a spoon, they would want to hold it themselves, and put it in their mouths.

5.Once they get to try highly allergic food

Many pediatricians recommend waiting until kids are at 1 year old before providing them specific food items which are considered allergenic, such as fish or eggs.

6.Once they are ready to move from puree to chunks

Chunking up baby food is a tedious process. But soon, she would be ready to handle a bit more texture in her solid food. It needs to be done slowly, though. Introduce new texture slowly, starting from mashed avocados and mashed bananas.

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